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Sidney Bronstein papers

 Collection — Box: 1
Identifier: Coll2013-007

Scope and Contents

This collection comprises manuscripts, notebook journals, photographs, correspondence, drawings, poetry and other material, 1939-1968, from gay artist and poet, Sidney Bronstein. The collection includes writings and poetry that Bronstein submitted to periodicals and anthologies, including ONE Magazine. Materials in the collection also document Bronstein's sexual interest in servicemen, which is revealed in his sketches, art works and collection of photographs. This interest is also evidenced in Bronstein's journal, or log book, with detailed information about each of his sexual encounters with servicemen.


  • 1939 - 1968


Conditions Governing Access

The collection is open to researchers. There are no access restrictions.

Conditions Governing Use

All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the ONE Archivist. Permission for publication is given on behalf of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives at USC Libraries as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.


Sidney Bronstein was "an artist and poet whose art closely reflected his tormented homosexuality." He studied art at a college in Syracuse, New York, and exhibited there in annual Associated Artists Exhibitions in the 1940s. Bronstein moved to Los Angeles around 1950, where he continued to occasionally exhibit or publish his works of art. It was during this time when Bronstein's interest in servicemen became the focus of his drawings and paintings. In 1954, Bronstein was entrapped by a vice policeman posing as a Navy officer in the Pershing Square area of downtown Los Angeles, and was sent to Atascadero State Hospital for six months.

Bronstein also wrote poetry on a regular basis, and throughout the 1950s and 1960s submitted many of his poems to periodicals and anthologies, including ONE Magazine. Bronstein became close friends with historian Jim Kepner, contributing to Kepner’s growing collection of gay and lesbian historical materials. In 1966, Bronstein’s artwork and poetry was published in Kepner’s short-lived magazine, Pursuit & Symposium.

After chronic problems from kidney disease, Bronstein died in California, circa 1966.

Source: [Box 1, Folder 1] Sidney Bronstein Papers, Coll2013-007, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries, University of Southern California


1.1 Linear Feet (2 archive cartons + 1 archive binder box.)

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Manuscripts, notebook journals, photographs, correspondence, drawings, poetry and other material, 1939-1968, from gay artist and poet, Sidney Bronstein. Though little is known about Bronstein, materials in the collection document his contributions to gay and lesbian publications, as well as his sexual interest in servicemen. This interest is revealed in his art works and in a journal, or log book, detailing information about each of his sexual encounters with servicemen.


A folder with articles about Sidney Bronstein is at the beginning of the collection. The remaining folders are arranged alphabetically.


Collection retrieved by Jim Kepner of the International Gay & Lesbian Archives from Sidney Bronstein's heirs following his death, circa 1967.

Separated Materials

The following book has been separated from the collection and cataloged into ONE's book library:

Thompson, Dunstan. Lament for the Sleepwalker. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc., 1947.

Separated Materials

Sidney Bronstein's art works, 208 items, are cataloged in ONE's art collection. Call numbers and titles for these 208 items are listed below (for more detailed information about the individual art works, please refer to ONE's art database):

1AR0001s, "Church (Cubist form)," [painting - oil on canvas], 1946.

1AR0002s, "Portrait of a Woman," [painting - oil on board], undated.

1AR0003s, "Unknown Woman Seated on Chair," [painting - oil on canvas], 1945.

1AR0004s, "No title," [painting - oil on board], undated.

1AR0005s, "Oakland Baseball Pitcher," [painting - oil on canvas], 1952.

1AR0006s, "Man with Dog (Cubist)," [painting - oil on board], 1943.

1AR0007s, "Children in the Cupola," [painting - oil on board], 1946.

1AR0008s, "Two figures with Dog (Cubist)," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1943.

1AR0009s, "Male Nude," [painting - oil on board], 1944.

1AR0010s, "Unknown," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1946.

1AR0011s, "No title," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0012s, "Children in the Chimney," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1946.

1AR0013s, "Woman Reading in Chair," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0014s, "Portrait of Spanish Lady," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0015s, "Male nude," [painting - oil on board], undated.

1AR0016s, "Female Nude," [painting - oil on board], undated.

1AR0017s, "Athlete Supporting Seven Youths," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1943.

1AR0018s, "Can Can Girls on Stage," [painting - oil on cardboard], undated.

1AR0019s, "No title," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0020s, "Two Sailors - Cubist Form," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0021s, "Woman on a Chair," [painting - oil on canvas], 1946.

1AR0022s, "Unfinished portrait of young man," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

1AR0023s, "Unknown (Abstraction)," [painting - oil on canvas], 1943.

1AR0024s, "Unknown (seated female nude)," [Oil on canvas], 1944.

1AR0025s, "Horses, Horse 1," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1946.

1AR0026s, "Male portrait," [painting - oil on canvas on board], 1949.

1AR0027m, "Two Men with Dogs," [painting - oil on canvas on cardboard], 1958.

1AR0028m, "Paddleboard Steamer," [painting - oil on cardboard], 1946.

1AR0029m, "Red House," [painting - oil on canvas on cardboard], 1946.

1AR0030s, "Male Portrait," [painting - watercolor on board], 1949.

1AR0031m, "Portrait of an Artist," [painting - oil on canvas on board], 1944.

1AR0032s, "Male Portrait," [painting - oil on canvas on mounted board], 1949.

1AR0033s, "Memoirs USS Boxer," [painting - oil on canvas], 1951.

1AR0034m, "Street Scene," [painting - oil on canvas on board], undated.

1AR0035m, "Unknown (Soldiers on beach)," [painting - oil on canvas board], 1951.

1AR0045m, "Portrait of Boy," [painting - oil on cardboard], undated.

1AR0082s, "Unknown (Patrol on break)," [painting - oil on canvas board], 1952.

1AR0083s, "Unknown (nude female with hat)," [Oil on canvas], 1945.

1AR0084s, "Unknown (Bathers)," [painting - oil on canvas board], 1940.

1AR0098, "Nude female seated," [painting - acrylic on canvas], 1945.

1AR0117, "2 sailors from USS Boxer," [painting - acrylic and ink on canvas], undated.

1AR0122, "Unknown," [painting - oil on canvas], 1952.

1AR0123, "Unknown (Sailor with Schlitz)," [Oil on canvas board], 1952.

2AR0001s, "Male Nude," [drawing - pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0002s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0003s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0004s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0005s, "Unknown (marine)," [Pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0006s, "Semi-Nude sailor seated with plant," [paper art - pencil drawing on paper], 1955.

2AR0007s, "Semi-Nude sailor seated," [paper art - pencil drawing on paper], 1955.

2AR0008s, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1955.

2AR0009s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0010s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0011s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0012s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0013, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0014s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0015s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0016s, "Unknown, [Ink on paper], 1951.

2AR0017s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0018s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0019, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0020s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0052m, "Unknown (man with hat)," [Paint on cardboard], 1941.

2AR0073s, "Bob Le Marine," [paper art - pencil drawing on paper with poem on paper glued on], 1949.

2AR0075s, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1955.

2AR0076s, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0077, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0197s, "Unknown (portrait of a man #1)," [Oil on board], 1940.

2AR0198, "Unknown (portrait of man #2)," [Oil on board], undated.

2AR0199s, "Unknown (portrait of man #3)," [Oil on board], undated.

2AR0200s, "Unknown (Female portrait)," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0201s, "Unknown (Portrait)," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0202s, "Unknown (Portrait)," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0241m, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1949.

2AR0242m, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1952.

2AR0243m, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1951.

2AR0244m, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1949.

2AR0245m, "Unknown (seated female)," [Ink on paper glued to board], 1946.

2AR0285s, "Unknown (sailor)," [Pencil on paper], 1955.

2AR0286s, "Unknown (Study / sketch)," [drawing - pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0287s, "Unknown (Male nude)," [drawing - pencil on paper], 1940.

2AR0288m, "Unknown (Two studies / sketches)," [drawing - pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0289, "Poussin Flora," [painting], 1947.

2AR0290s, "Trees," [painting - watercolor on paper], 1941.

2AR0306m, "Barnes, J.," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0307s, "Unknown (Female nude)," [drawing - ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0309m, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Watercolor on paper], 1948.

2AR0310m, "U.S. Sailor - Portrait - Wearing a Rose," [drawing - pencil on thin paper], undated.

2AR0311s, "Unknown," [Ink on heavy paper], undated.

2AR0312s, "Aux Ganymedes," [drawing - ink on paper], 1949.

2AR0313m, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Red pencil on paper], 1941.

2AR0314m, "Unknown (portrait of a man)," [Graphite on paper], undated.

2AR0315m, "Unknown (portrait of woman in coat)," [Pencil on paper drawing], 1940.

2AR0316m, "Unknown (Male Portrait)," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0317m, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Pencil on paper], 1940.

2AR0318m, "Unknown (portrait of a man)," [Watercolor on paper], 1941.

2AR0319A, "Unknown (woman with chair)," [Ink on paper], 1944.

2AR0319B, "Unknown (woman seated in chair)," [Ink on paper], 1944.

2AR0319C, "Bronstein, Sydney," [Ink on paper], 1944.

2AR0319D, "Unknown (women with foot on chair)," [Ink on paper], 1944.

2AR0319E, "Unknown (woman standing next to chair)," [Ink on paper], 1944.

2AR0320m, "5 sketches of a Male Nude," [drawing - pencil on sketch paper], 1940.

2AR0321m, "Unknown (portrait of artist with sketch pad)," [Pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0322m, "Unknown (portrait of a man)," [Red pencil on paper], 1941.

2AR0323m, "Unknown (man in hat)," [Brown pencil on paper], 1941.

2AR0324A, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324B, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324C, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324D, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324E, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324F, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324G, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324H, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324I, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324J, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324K, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324L, "Unknown," [Colored pencil on paper], 1942.

2AR0324M, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324N, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324O, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324P, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324Q, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324R, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324S, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0324T, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1942.

2AR0325A, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1946.

2AR0325B, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1946.

2AR0325C, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1947.

2AR0325D, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1947.

2AR0325E, "Archbold Gym," [Watercolor on paper], 1948.

2AR0325F, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1948.

2AR0325G, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1948.

2AR0326A, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0326B, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0326C, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1939.

2AR0326D, "Unknown," [Crayon and pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0326E, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1940.

2AR0326F, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0326G, "Unknown," [Crayon on paper], 1939.

2AR0326H, "Untitled," [Crayon and pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0326I, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1939.

2AR0326J, "Blagett Mills Road," [Crayon on paper], 1939.

2AR0327A, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1939.

2AR0327B, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], undated.

2AR0327C, "Unknown," [Colored pencil on paper], 1940.

2AR0327D, "Unknown," [Pencil and crayon on paper], 1940.

2AR0327E, "Unknown," [Crayon on paper], 1940.

2AR0327F, "Unknown," [Crayon on paper], 1940.

2AR0327G, "Unknown," [Crayon on paper], 1940.

2AR0327H, "Unknown," [Pencil and crayon on paper], 1940.

2AR0327I, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1940.

2AR0327J, "Unknown," [Watercolor and pencil on paper], 1941.

2AR0359A, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359B, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359C, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359D, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359E, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359F, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359G, "Unknown (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359H, "Unknown (pencil sketch study for painting)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0359I, "Unknown, (pencil sketch)," [Pencil on cardstock], undated.

2AR0360s, "Portrait of a Marine," [drawing - pencil on paper], 1955.

2AR0361s, "Portrait of a Sailor," [drawing - pencil on paper], 1955.

2AR0362s, "Unknown (Male Portrait)," [drawing - ink on paper], undated.

2AR0363s, "Unknown (Female figure)," [drawing - ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0364m, "Unknown," [Watercolor and ink on paper], undated.

2AR0365A, "Unknown (portrait of man in suit/chin sketch)," [drawing - ink or pencil], 1940.

2AR0365B, "Unknown, (multiple figures)," [Ink on paper], 1940.

2AR0365C, "Unknown (nude female study)," [Graphite on paper], undated.

2AR0365D, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Graphite on paper], undated.

2AR0365E, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Graphite on paper], undated.

2AR0365F, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Graphite and watercolor on paper], 1940.

2AR0365G, "Unknown (male portrait)," [Graphite on paper], 1941.

2AR0366m, "Variations: Hyderabad Dancers," [Watercolor panels in collage on board], 1949.

2AR0367A, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], undated.

2AR0367B, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1947.

2AR0367C, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1947.

2AR0367D, "Unknown," [Watercolor on paper], 1941.

2AR0369s, "Unknown," [Graphite on paper], undated.

2AR0373A, "Unknown," [Pastel on paper], undated.

2AR0373B, "Unknown," [Pastel on paper], undated.

2AR0373C, "Unknown," [Pastel on paper], undated.

2AR0374A, "Unknown," [Marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374B, "Unknown," [Marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374C, "Unknown," [Marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374D, "Unknown," [Pen on paper], undated.

2AR0374E, "Unknown," [Marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374F, "Unknown," [Ink marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374G, "Unknown," [Ink marker on paper], undated.

2AR0374H, "Unknown," [Ink marker on paper], undated.

2AR0379, "Baseball Player," [painting - oil on canvas], 1946.

2AR0381m, "Semi-Nude Sailor from Rear View," [drawing - pencil sketch on paper, matted], 1955.

2AR0382s, "HC," [Oil on board], 1950.

2AR0518, "Unknown," [Ink on paper], 1946.

2AR0519s, "Male Nude," [mixed media drawing], 1951.

2AR0520s, "Male Portrait," [painting - oil on paper], undated.

2AR0527s, "Unknown," [Pencil on paper], 1952.

2AR0560s, "Unknown (Ballet dancers)," [Oil on board], 1945.

2AR0570, "Unknown (Nude sailor seated)," [Pencil on paper], 1950.

2AR0570s, "Unknown," [pencil drawing on white paper], undated.

2AR0576s, "Unknown (Nude sailor)," [drawing], undated.

ART2081, "H. O'Brien," [painting - oil on canvas], undated.

ART2088, "Unknown (Portrait)," [painting - watercolor and ink on paper], 1951.

ART2562, "Unknown (nude sailor)," [Pencil on board], undated.

ART2564, "Unknown," [Pen and ink on paper], undated.

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